Huawei cybersecurity

Huawei joins industry leaders in Baku to address cybersecurity challenges

Top cybersecurity experts from the Middle East and Central Asia convene at an exclusive roundtable alongside GSMA M360 EURASIA 2023 Conference


The changing face of cybersecurity industry in the Middle East

Group-IB examines the three key developments that will shape the cybersecurity industry over the coming months


How to safeguard your ‘digital’ life on a vacation

With the increasing dependence on technology, the tourism industry is also becoming vulnerable to cyberthreats and therefore needs to prioritise security measures


Over 60% CISOs in UAE, Saudi Arabia voice concerns over cyber resilience preparedness

New research from Trellix highlights the critical resource gaps reported by two in three CISOs surveyed across the UAE and Saudi Arabia


Veritas recommends two essential steps to safeguard enterprises against cyberthreats

Companies relying more on native security tools are hit harder by ransomware than organisations that rely less on native security tools, and more on purpose built solutions

Hybrid cloud

Insights: Facing the cyber-unknown in the hybrid cloud labyrinth

According to IBM Security researchers, 45 per cent of breaches in 2021 happened in the cloud


How cybersecurity can be a powerful shield against threat actors

The rise of remote work and the increasing reliance on technology has made businesses and individuals more vulnerable to ransomware attacks


Protecting data in the cloud: Who’s responsible?

Contrary to popular belief, the cloud provider will not always provide the business with all the necessary tools to combat cyberattacks


These are the top 8 cybersecurity predictions for 2023-2024

Human-centric security design is modelled with the individual — not technology, threat or location


Women in tech: Julie Davila, VP of global field CTO operations at Sophos

Focus deeply on enjoying the process of growth of your knowledge, and let time and experience develop your opinions


Gisec Global 2023 boosts cyber resilience of Middle East digital economy

The event, which will run until March 16, is hosting over 500 exhibitors from 53 countries


Nearly 60% of UAE, Saudi firms need to boost cybersecurity spending, reveals report

Mimecast’s State of Email Security 2023 report sheds light on the threats across the globe, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia


How networking solutions enable companies to become more sustainable

Networking solutions play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as energy consumption rises in response to increasing digitalisation

2023 Tech trends

What’s in store for the tech industry in 2023?

Let’s explore the tech trends on the radar

Saeed Ahmad, Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa at Callsign on Crypto fraud

Opinion: Why financial institutes need to start taking crypto fraud seriously

Behavioural biometrics can help financial businesses authenticate users without purchasing any extra hardware or negatively affecting their user experience


How firms can fend off vulnerabilities on a globally distributed network

To minimise the risk of a cyberattack enterprises must adopt a comprehensive approach – the right solutions, capabilities and processes


Women in tech: Aliona Geckler, SVP business operations and chief of staff at Acronis

Equal career opportunities, equal pay, a flexible work environment and positive work culture are some of the aspects that attract women to enter tech jobs


Insights: Embedding cyber resilience is key to a security strategy

Being cyber resilient ensures an organisation’s ability to mitigate damage, recover and continue business processes in the face of an adverse cyber event

Easa Al Gurg

Power Letters 2023: Easa Al Gurg, group CEO, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group

ESAG2025 is the road map for the group’s future, focusing on diversity and intrapreneurship


SentinelOne expands Middle East and Africa operations with new Dubai office

The facility serves a number of functions including acting as an environment for the brand to showcase its cybersecurity solutions


Intersec opens in Dubai today with over 800 exhibitors

Visitor pre-registrations jump 133 per cent with 55 countries represented


Here are 5 healthy digital habits you need to adopt in 2023

These habits can strengthen the safety of your personal data and make life easier this year


New hires may spark increase in phishing attacks in 2023, predicts Mimecast

Experts from Mimecast share key insights into the threat landscape

Cybersecurity 2023: Threats proliferate but best practice still works

Ransomware has remained the most dangerous, costly and prevalent cyberthreat to EMEA organisations in 2022

Women in tech: Sonali Basu Roy, marketing manager at Bulwark Technologies

Women should believe in their capabilities, be quick learners and acquire different skills


How cybersecurity is changing with the advent of the metaverse

Until cybersecurity in the metaverse is strengthened with specific regulations measures, users should be informed of the potential risks associated with using the platform


Top 5 cybersecurity threats to look out for this holiday season

Online shopping has seen a massive uptick and this growth has attracted new cyberthreats, with scammers taking advantage of unsuspecting shoppers in a various ways


Reasons why UAE employees lack trust in robots

Employees trust robots in performing ordinary tasks such as cleaning, but are less willing to trust them with life critical functions such as performing surgeries

Bulwark Issquared

IT service provider Issquared signs deal with Dubai-based Bulwark Distribution

Issquared offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to address operational excellence and solve security and governance needs


Informa, SAFCSP form JV to build global events portfolio in Saudi Arabia

By providing market access, stimulating inbound investment and generating international trade, events can contribute to delivering significant economic stimulus to a country