World green economy summit

World Green Economy summit: How is UAE pursuing a green economy?

Global and regional ministers, officials and experts gathered at the World Green Economy Summit in September to discuss sustainability, climate change, green economy, and renewable and clean energy

What does the future of Expo City Dubai entail?

The next chapter: What does the future of Expo City Dubai entail?

Expo City Dubai is building on the momentum of Expo 2020 Dubai

UAE ranks first across Middle East, Africa and Asia to relocate for expats

This has been due to progressive policy changes, new visa regulations and increased resident confidence on the country’s economic growth over the past two years

real estate

Cover story: Why the CEO of Seven Century Real Estate Brokers believes Dubai is fertile ground for investments

In this exclusive interview, Naghmeh Sheikholeslami speaks of resilience, prioritising customers and Dubai’s evolving real estate landscape

Queen Elizabeth II

In the Queen’s words…

These memorable quotes from Queen Elizabeth II throughout her seven decades on the throne will continue to remind us of her incredible legacy, wisdom and compassion

Family businesses

Enduring legacy: Role of family businesses in the regional ecosystem

Family businesses have contributed significantly to the wider economic landscape, credited as major drivers of job creation and inclusivity

Cover story: Why Kuwaiti entrepreneur Talal Al Ajmi is heavily invested in the future

Founder and CEO of VI Markets, Talal Al Ajmi tells us how investing in technology has been key to his company’s growth

Ferrari has started a new journey with the 296 GTB

Review: Ferrari has started a new journey with 296 GTB

We test drive the 296 GTB, an evolution of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined two-seater sports berlinetta concept, featuring a new V6 engine coupled with a plug-in electric motor that packs a punch

Showcasing Abu Dhabi as a prime global sporting and entertainment hub

Interview: How Flash Entertainment is showcasing Abu Dhabi as a global sporting and entertainment hub

John Lickrish, CEO of flash entertainment, tells us how the company continues to play a big role in Abu Dhabi’s recent foray into the fast-paced world of esports


How to bolster productivity during shortened working hours

Effective strategies must be deployed to get more work done in a shorter period of time without compromising productivity

Alan’s corner: Situational leadership

As leaders, we have to treat each and every task we set for our people as being different


How digitalisation in construction can foster collaboration

Technology such as building information modelling is improving efficiency in construction by ensuring time savings and cost reductions

Dubai Summer Surprises begins

What’s in store for Dubai Summer Surprises 2022?

Dubai Summer Surprises started on July 1, promising a wide range of activities, crazy sales, fabulous prizes and great entertainment

Key decisions: How to best invest in or purchase a property

There’s a rising number of property management firms available to cater to demand, but are they all equal?


What are the key steps to prepare for your retirement

Start saving early to get a head start towards financial security during your retirement


Digital minimalism: How much technology do we really need?

It is imperative to understand the technology needed to support our lifestyle and needs and cut out the rest

Alan’s corner: How to adopt a long-term perspective when building your legacy

Markets evolve, as do customers, creating the need for an organisation to continuously adapt

How to determine and increase pricing power

Innovation and specialisation are key to determine your pricing power

Alan’s corner: What makes a great CEO?

It’s not just about leadership or commercial acumen, there’s much more to it than that

Dubai’s real estate market on a positive growth trajectory

The market is seeing a rise in first-time buyers, taking 80 per cent loan-to-value mortgages, payment plans and offers from developers

How Abu Dhabi is offering an expansive portfolio of affordable communities

The emirate’s sustainable communities come with high projected rental yields

How to enable proximity triggers to work

Start by identifying the character you want to emulate

Dubai’s real estate market backed by strong buyer appetite

Husni Al Bayari, chairman and founder of D&B Properties as well as portal, houza, shares his outlook for the real estate sector

How going digital is the best way forward

A digital revolution is taking shape, helping companies become more innovative, sustainable and resilient

Cover Story: How Informa Markets is putting the Middle East region on the global map

From being hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic to organising LEAP22, Mike Champion and Annabelle Mander of Informa Markets, tell us how their company’s resilience has helped them successfully deliver some of the region’s top live events

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Explainer: Is the UAE ready to mainstream nearly zero energy buildings?

Green building strategies can be used to design and build healthy, comfortable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly living and working environments

Alan’s corner: New year, curtains up

Start the year on a positive note; bring your team together to appreciate their past efforts and share the business targets for the year ahead

Here are five steps to increase your followers on Instagram

Instagram in particular, is a social media platform that ranks supreme when it comes to its potential as a marketing tool, especially amongst B2C brands

Mastercard partners with Michelin Guide Dubai

Here are three successful viral campaigns to take inspiration from

Viral campaigns can’t be forced, they happen organically and are the result of connecting with audiences on a personal level

Supply chain woes: Crisis peak is a mirage

The fragile global trading system faces months of additional pain and remains at risk of collapsing again from even one unforeseen shock